Shine like a new pen.

After long, early nights stiff in one position until 4am and early morning with a latte in hand, I've finally learned my way around photoshop. Feeling so good about my possibilities now with a camera. I finished editting my SG shoot with Tori, and ready for whatever comes next. I need a haircut. and more than anything I'd like school to start so I can stop driving Nico crazy... oh wait, I think he was crazy before I met him.


Fig Eater said...

i cant imagine doing that for so long.
my limit on the computer is probably 3 hours and thats if im really into something or in a creative mood.
love the photos by the way. they came out great.
whats that site you told me about that i can upload photos on that is more leaniat?
because photo bucket deleted some of the pictures you uploaded.

May said...

oh thank you my love.. make an account on flickr!
they wont delete :)